There seems very little here for a moderate dem.


How about

  • Affordable and accessible healthcare
  • Ending foreign wars and respecting the sovereignty of all nations
  • Building trust through
    • campaign finance reform
    • lobbying reform
    • transparency
    • criminal justice reform
    • judicial
  • equal access to and accountability for education
  • taxation policies without prejudice or special interest exceptions.

Texas specific

  • Civil Rights! Much bigger scope on civil rights than Democrats have. Check out my site and the pdf below.
  • Reducing the cost of elections and unlinking money as a primary criteria for elect-ability
  • Mandated free air-time and mailing for qualified candidates
  • Election Portals and Public Service Announcements for elections instead of individual candidate advertisements
  • Establishing no political party may hold a majority in a partisan body.
  • Ban gerrymandering
  • re-balance representation in the House, currently 1:750K, proposed 1:500K
  • reduce judicial partisanship
  • Police reform!
  • Election reform: approval voting or RCV

I am going to stop here, this party is tempered towards moderates. It focuses on the common ground, compromise, coalitions, integrity and reducing the toxicity of our current political environment, putting people before parties.



Federal platform:

State platform:

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