All power corrupts. Our politicians, especially those in Congress have served unlimited terms and made careers at our expense for too long. Their ability to consolidate power and influence over time have driven the corruption. Congress continues to have abysmal ratings, being viewed with contempt and distrust from all sides. We must cleanse Congress and build it better, with processes to reinvigorate it regularly from within all walks of the people it serves, bringing fresh perspectives and removing the old stink of partisanship.

Our country is home to hundreds of millions of people, you and I, who would fill these roles. The current barrier are namely costs. By removing those with power and money from the system, we can lower the barriers to millions of Americans, giving the chance to make a difference and be heard to people who would otherwise not dare to try. The fallacy that we’ll lose an unreplaceable “great” politician only serves those in power to retain it and asserts that we the people are no better than those in power.

We are better.

The idea that elections are enough no longer holds true. We need more limits on Congress. Career politicians have shown repeatedly that given time and power, they too will become corrupted and out of touch. The only solution to prevent corruption, is to prevent them from making a career as a politician, and from consolidating power and influence.

When we limit their ability to consolidate power, we also share in the benefits of our representatives more equally carrying our voice and will. Our system has long rewarded career politicians, those who have “paid their dues” or “played the game”, with additional authority and power to wield typically in partisan ways, at each our other representatives, and ultimately at our expense as citizens.

We each matter and we each expect our representatives to equally come to political office to do our work, this shouldn’t be limited by the power of a few obsessed partisan politicians. All Americans should have an equal voice within our system.

Term limits are not enough though. We absolutely must push term limits and then we must push for lobbying bans, campaign finance and ethics rules, and complete personal financial transparency from our politicians.  Finally, let’s add ranked choice voting and get ourselves better choices at the ballot box.

In response to the New York Post, a group of GOP lawmakers led by Sen. Ted Cruz has reintroduced legislation imposing term limits on members of Congress. Source:

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