America can come together by focusing on unifying issues, letting the wounds heal and tempers fade. America can heal when our politicians stop manipulating us by using divisive issues to separate us into corners of their team, and when they stop painting our neighbors as our enemies. America can heal when we break free from the vicious cycle of enragement brought on by the press and when we decide to look towards what we can actually accomplish together.

Ridding our system of corruption is a unifying issue.

We have a problem in our political system where dark money, big donors, tech donors, PACs and lobbyist are buying their interests and at the expense of ours. This starts with the election cycles and digs itself in to the core of nearly every politician’s heart, corrupting them throughout their careers. All people become corrupted and it takes a very short time to do it.

Americans want our elections fixed, more accessible, more transparent and to be protected from interference. We have the technology to fix this, we just lack the IT minded leadership to make it happen. Our people complain about the lack of choice and about wasting votes, but we have solutions for this. We have Ranked Choice Voting and Approval voting, both of which would dramatically improve our elections. When it comes to candidates, providing equal air time, publications, creating a unbiased web portal for our elections and unlinking money from electability will give Americans the choice they want. Two teams do not represent Americans.

Americans want to see our government work for them and an end to partisan bickering. By ensuring every party has a seat in Congress we ensure everyone has a voice, and by prohibiting any party from having a deciding majority we ensure they must maintain relations and work together for us.

Americans are tired of the identity politics and tired of issues like abortion being front and center. Politicians who continue to make these the primary issues are doing disservice to us all. The fact is, if the government followed the Declaration of Independence and Constitution as it is written and respected our rights as intended we wouldn’t have any issues with identity politics because everyone would be equal, free to be happy and live their own way, and the government would stay the heck out of our lives.

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