In 2022, we make Texas Great for ALL!

As a native Texan, I have watched as our rights have been eroded, our voices muted, and our will ignored. It is time to take a stand.

I am a veteran, I specializes in computer science and mathematics, and am a genuine  down to earth Texan. My home will be my Governor's residence and you will always be welcome to come chat beside a fire with me.

What I am not

I will never give you gimmicks, legalese, or dress like a cowboy to sell you my ideas because the more you learn about my vision, the more you will love it.

It's all for you.

Referendum; the right to repeal legislation.

Recall; the right to remove elected officials.

Initiative; the right of the people to create law.

We have out grown our system, our leaders have grown too power hungry. All power corrupts and they have too much power.

Our leaders want you to kneel beside the table and beg for scraps, I want you to sit at the table and be served.

2 term limit for Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General,

Gerrymandering ban.

Ranked Choice Voting,

Transparency; making all public documents publicly available.

Creating a modern secure public services system.

With 29 million people in Texas, no one should rule forever. The founders knew that power corrupts and we should limit the ability of anyone to rule us indefinitely. 

Our citizens deserve fair representation and more choices at the ballot box, the two party system and gerrymandering encourage extremism and polarization of our system. These practices are driving a wedge between us as we struggle to be heard.

As an IT professional, I will work to bring an easy to use portal to deliver the most transparent state government in history to Texans. The government serves you, you should have the right to audit every elected official and every activity it engages in.

Legalize and license production, sale, and distribution.

Expand drug education, mental health and addiction services

Restore the rights. record and freedoms of non-violent drug offenders

Restoring your right to freely practice ALL forms of spirituality.

Your 1st amendment rights and your freedom have been denied long enough. This will end minutes after I take office. We will release all non-violent offenders and restore their rights. We are done destroying families, Texans lives and depriving Texans of the natural spiritual tools we have been gifted. 

This list has been composed from discussions with law enforcement and civil rights activists.

Community oversight.

Swift anti-corruption.

End the militarization.

Increase human anti-trafficking and anti-abduction funding

End drug enforcement

Expand mental health, deescalation, and grappling training.

Ban raids, qualified immunity and choke holds.

Require fitness standards and body cameras.

Increase compensation for higher caliber officers.

Expand Medicaid to the millions of uninsured Texans

Let's evaluate all of our options and let you decide.

Your data and your likeness is your property.

Use sales tax revenue from drug sales to supplant property taxes. This plan would begin with fixed income disability recipients, then retirees on fixed income, the in increments by 100K of home value from the bottom value to the top.

Ban on tax foreclosures in favor of liens

Ban HOA foreclosures in favor of liens


Let solar & wind compete by removing oil & gas subsidies. Your cost = $0

Reduce traffic & emissions waiving tolls & registration fees for motorcycles, scooters & electric passenger cars. Your cost = $0

Refunding State Park fees to guests who cleanup. Cost to you $0

Being a good steward of our state doesn't mean being a bad steward of our tax dollars. Think big act small.

We should know who is coming but respect and embrace the tradition of asylum.

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